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14 August 2006

“This Month We’ve Fished”…….
Farmoor Reservoir 240 Acres, Location: Farmoor, Nr Oxford
Open: All Year

Steve Cullen, TFF Editor writes …
“What I liked: I think that a lot of anglers see places like this in a less than favourable light, but if they experience the fishing that would certainly change. The fishing, in my opinion, is absolutely tremendous. I have been assured y all the locals that its not only Bobbies that do the damage here, but all manner if imitative flies also have a big part to play, especially in the warmer months.

I also need to mention the quality of the fish, which is absolutely outstanding – they are mint!

What I disliked: I’m not too keen on the fact that few anglers like to use rests for the rods for Booby fishing: is just not cricket. There’s also the fact that the place is an hour away from me rather than 10 minutes. It if were closer I’d fish even more!

Best feature: The fish and the friendly regulars. It really is a pleasant place to spend time as everyone seems to know one another and newcomers are actively welcomed. So, if you fancy meeting some new friends, get yourself down there.

Overall verdict: I think that the fact I’ve got myself a season ticket actually speaks volumes, don’t you?

Star Rating: *****

Jane Williams, TFF Reader writes…..
“What I liked: I think that the friendly atmosphere you experience at Farmoor is really on of the best I’ve found – although I have to say that I haven’t been fishing that long. The guys here have been quick to help me out with my casting, line and fly choice without me ever having to ask. It seems that there’s always someone here to help me out.

The rangers – I even know their names now – Royston and Mark have supplied me with a wealth of knowledge, cheers guys. I’ve been fortunate to catch a few fish here too and I have to say that they have fought fantastically well and look superb, unlike those sad-looking things you see at the fish counter!

What I disliked: The fact that I can’t get here more often – I love the place. Hopefully, this year I’ll get a chance to have a go from one of the boats.

Best feature: The friendly nature of everyone I’ve met. Maybe I’ve been lucky but it seems that everyone is out to help.

Overall verdict: I want more! I think fly fishing is a great pastime and spending it in the company of friendly people make’s it all the better.

Star Rating: *****

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